Resident Evil Survivor (Europe) PSP Eboot

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Game Name:Resident Evil Survivor
Game Release:2000-08-30
Image Format:EBOOT.PBP
Game ID:SLES-02732
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Resident Evil Survivor is a First Person Shooter/Survival Horror video game published by Capcom released on August 30, 2000 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Review by KingGullian:

avatar=425_1409191032.jpgResident Evil Survivor is a first person shooter survival horror game. RE: Survivor (RE=Resident Evil) takes place after the bomb that destroyed raccoon city in the events that took place in Resident Evil 3. You play as a male who have lost his memory an has awoken in a umbrella facility. You will be fighting the traditional monsters and zombies from Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2 but in a first person roam like fashion. You will have to press button to bring up cross hair then shoot. This game is relatively short an can be beat in one play through (Recommended). Though this game have low ratings by critics, RE:Survivor is a game that should not be missed by any RE fan.

Switched to the PAL version because the NTSC-U one would only show a black screen.

How to play on PSP:

Copy the folder containing the EBOOT.PBP to \PSP\GAME\, note that each eboot needs to be "in a folder", else they'll show up as corrupted data.

Example Path: X:\PSP\GAME\SLES-02732\EBOOT.PBP

Recommended Emulator:

Some "PSX2PSP" eboots can be emulated on PC with ePSXe emulator.


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