Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (USA-PSN) PSP Eboot

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Game Name:Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Game Release:2009-12-03
Image Format:EBOOT.PBP
Game ID:NPUJ-00923
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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a Survival Horror video game published by Capcom released on December 3, 2009 for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

Review by KingGullian:

avatar=425_1409191032.jpgResident Evil 3 is the 3rd install to the resident evil series by Capcom. This game is in the same setting as the previous game resident evil 2. though this is the case, you have the chance to experience it through the eyes of Jill Valentine. After her return from Arklay Mountains (the events where resident evil 1 took place) she was faced with the problem again, having another outbreak occur there also. this game features a few new game play enhancements. You now have the abilities to counter dodge, auto aim zombies, and to do a 180 turn around by pressing back and the sprint button. including new support characters and bosses this is sure to give any survival horror junkie a good time, ENJOY!

How to play on PSP:

Copy the folder containing the EBOOT.PBP file to \PSP\GAME\ without changing the folder name (the game ID). Example: X:\PSP\GAME\NPUJ00923\EBOOT.PBP
CFW PRO-C2 has problems with PSN eboots use "PRO-C Fix-3".

Recommended Emulator:

This is meant to be played on PSP consoles, not on emulators!
In order to play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on an emulator find the PSX ISO version.


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