Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
NCAA Football 2000EnglishUSA44
NCAA Football '99EnglishUSA50
NCAA Football '98EnglishUSA49
Madden NFL 2005EnglishUSA220
Madden NFL 2004EnglishUSA89
Madden NFL 2003EnglishUSA58
Madden NFL 2002EnglishUSA56
Madden NFL 2001EnglishUSA72
Madden NFL 2000EnglishUSA85
Madden NFL 99EnglishUSA62
Madden NFL 98EnglishUSA80
Madden NFL 97EnglishUSA60
Kurt Warner's Arena Football UnleashedEnglishUSA64
Jimmy Johnson's VR Football '98EnglishUSA31

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