Metal Gear Solid (USA-PSN) PSP Eboot

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Game Name:Metal Gear Solid
Game Release:2009-06-18
Image Format:EBOOT.PBP
Game ID:NPUJ-00594
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Metal Gear Solid is a Action video game published by Konami released on June 18, 2009 for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

Review by goldenguy43:

avatar=117_1410364626.jpgMetal gear solid was one of the best ps1 games i’ve ever played simply because the story was amazing, the gameplay was great and it was very nostalgic for me.
Metal gear is about Solid Snake,a spy that goes to Shadow Moses to rescue the colonel’s niece and the president of a company,there he finds out the hostages are being held by a terrorist group named fox hound.
The gameplay is set for the player being sneaky so he cannot be seen, if he seen, he has to hide as quickly as possible.

How to play on PSP:

Copy the folder containing the EBOOT.PBP file to \PSP\GAME\ without changing the folder name (the game ID). Example: X:\PSP\GAME\NPUJ00594\EBOOT.PBP
CFW PRO-C2 has problems with PSN eboots use "PRO-C Fix-3".

Recommended Emulator:

This is meant to be played on PSP consoles, not on emulators!
In order to play Metal Gear Solid on an emulator find the PSX ISO version.


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