LSD: Dream Emulator (J+English Patched) PSP Eboot

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Game Name LSD: Dream Emulator
Original Title エルエスディー
Console PSP Eboots
Game Release (25 years ago)
Publisher Asmik Ace Entertainment Inc
Languages ,
Image Format EBOOT.PBP
Game ID SLPS-01556
Downloads 10,018
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LSD: Dream Emulator (エルエスディー) is a Simulation video game published by Asmik Ace Entertainment Inc released on October 22nd, 1998 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Released By Mr.Nobody
Language English
Status Fully Translated
Patch Version 1.0
Release Date 01 May 2020

Review by CheeseCake:

avatar=387_.jpgLSD: Dream Emulator is game by Asmik Ace Entertainment based on the dream journal of one of its staff members, Hiroko Nishikawa.

In LSD, the player navigates a psychedelic dream-like world in first person POV. The point of the game is to simply walk around and explore things in the new strange environment.
When you “bump” into certain objects in the environment, you are transported into a different area immediately. These usually lead into even stranger dreams.
Each dream lasts about 10 minutes until you “wake up” and are kicked back into the game’s initial menu. Death such as falling off a cliff will instantly wake you up. A graph will appear after each dream explaining the general nature of the player’s dream with Upper, Static, Dynamic, and Downer.

Review by Wenedpoh:

avatar=327_.pngEver thought about “Hey, i had a cool dream last night and it would make a cool video game”?
Well… this guy did…

-LSD: Dream Emulator-

It’s hard to explain this game
There are no objectives. Yeah, non. You are in a dream in which you just explore the surroundings walking arround and… wow am i really trying to make you play this?
If you hit any wall or object you encounter, you will get teleported into another “what the hell world” filled with crazy random stuff.
Anything you will see…ANYTHING…it’s plain crazy random stuff. And the sound doesn’t help at all…just make it more and more….aghh
What will you feel while playing this?
You will feel like you are high…really high.

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