Digimon World 2003 NTSC (Hack) PSP Eboot

The coverart image of Digimon World 2003 NTSC
Game Name Digimon World 2003 NTSC
Console PSP Eboots
Game Release (21 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Bandai
Languages , , , ,
Image Format EBOOT.PBP
Game ID SLES-03936
Downloads 1,415
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I'm putting this up to be tested on original hardware. It passed initial test on my PSP but it needs a full playtrough.
This game is infamous for crashing the PSP.

NTSC conversion for Digimon World 2003, now runs at 60fps.
This version has the post game content after defeating Galacticmon, the US version doesn't.

So the only way to play that content was at 50fps or in Japanese.

Released By markisha64
Patch Version 1.0
Hack Release Date 25 September 2023

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