Crisis City (Japan) PSP EBOOT

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Game Name:Crisis City
Original Title:クライシスシティ
Game Release:1998-06-04
Image Format:EBOOT.PBP
Game ID:SLPS-01269
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Crisis City is a Action/Third Person Shooter video game published by Takara released on June 4, 1998 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Here is another rare PS1 game, converted to EBOOT(and tested on epsxe). This is a weird combination of Resident Evil and Time Crisis, directed by Michael Bay…yeah – but it works! It’s a lighting fast run and gun (no tank controls thank God) shooter with pre-rendered backgrounds and static camera angles. You get to play as a bunch of different characters, each with specific weapons fighting their way through constant explosions and mayhem in a futuristic city. Really fun and explosive, but short gem on ps1.

PRO TIP: Just make sure that you keep the lock on setting always on, since it’s almost impossible to hit anything without it, don’t know why they even gave you the on/off button.

How to play on PSP:

Copy the folder containing the EBOOT.PBP to \PSP\GAME\, note that each eboot needs to be "in a folder", else they'll show up as corrupted data.

Example Path: X:\PSP\GAME\SLPS-01269\EBOOT.PBP

Recommended Emulator:

Some "PSX2PSP" eboots can be emulated on PC with ePSXe emulator.


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