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Game Name Breath of Fire IV
Console PSP Eboots
Game Release (12 years ago)
Publisher Capcom
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Breath of Fire IV is a RPG video game published by Capcom released on August 16th, 2011 for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

Review by magistery0:


Princess Nina and her loyal friend Cray sets out on a journey to find her missing sister Ellena, they suddenly got ambushed by a wild sand dragon crashing their craft thus has crippling their search for Ellena.
they both managed to survive the incident, but now they have to resume their search by fixing their broken sand craft.
so Nina volunteered to gather the missing parts..that’s when she encountered a struggling caravan and a strange flying creature transforming into a young man named Ryu.


Breath of Fire IV made a HUGE improvement in the series! the 2D models looks exceptionally detailed and the 3D environments looks absolutely gorgeous!
the only set back in my personal opinion is the MAP! when you traverse the massive world of Breath of Fire IV it felt like you’re walking on a map, Literally. compared to the world of Breath of Fire III where you can see your character traveling and explore in places!


Now this is where the game truly shines!
for the first time ever, Breath of Fire IV features 2 main protagonist(s) (Ryu and Fou lu) in its story! and depending on whom you’re playing as shows you a different side of the same plot/story!
in this game you control 6 characters at will! this is the second game i have encountered that has this type of battle system like the Epic RPG Suikoden 2!
you can now perform combos that can stack up any Physical,elemental and status effect, unleashing them upon your enemies. what’s special about these combos is you can now combine magic spells turning them into massive magic attacks! (i.e Fire + Wind = Firewind!)


As expected from the series, the music and feel of all the themes in this game are really well done and really fits in the world of Breath of Fire IV!


This is truly a masterpiece! and an Excellent addition to any RPG fans collection! its one those you-must-play-before-you-die kind of games!
it is such a shame that Dragon Quarter/Breath of Fire 5 didn’t follow in its steps. and the upcoming Breath of Fire VI is a game that i don’t even recognize as a Breath of Fire game, at all!

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