Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
X-Bladez: Inline SkaterEnglishUSA108
Sydney 2000EnglishUSA261
Surf RidersEnglishUSA167
Speedball 2100EnglishUSA186
Skydiving ExtremeEnglishUSA155
Rocket Power: Team Rocket RescueEnglishUSA180
Razor RacingEnglishUSA112
Razor Freestyle ScooterEnglishUSA172
Powerspike Pro Beach VolleyballEnglishUSA209
Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996EnglishUSA141
Nagano Winter Olympics '98EnglishUSA165
MTV Sports: T.J. Lavin's Ultimate BMXEnglishUSA126
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMXEnglishUSA931
Professional Underground League of PainEnglishUSA91
International Track & Field 2000EnglishUSA282
ESPN Extreme GamesEnglishUSA272
Equestrian ShowcaseEnglishUSA67
Dead Ball ZoneEnglishUSA117
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXEnglishUSA515
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum RemixEnglishUSA421
Championship SurferEnglishUSA125
Burstrick: Wake Boarding!!EnglishUSA117

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