Game BOX ROM Title Language Region
Viewpoint rom
Viewpoint English USA 872
Thunder Force V: Perfect System rom
Thunder Force V: Perfect System English USA 1,461
Tempest X3 rom
Tempest X3 English USA 470
Strikers 1945 rom
Strikers 1945 English USA 1,281
Space Invaders rom
Space Invaders English USA 607
Robotron X rom
Robotron X English USA 255
RayStorm rom
RayStorm English USA 1,729
RayCrisis: Series Termination rom
RayCrisis: Series Termination English USA 1,445
Philosoma rom
Philosoma English USA 738
Omega Boost rom
Omega Boost English USA 1,402
Loaded rom
Loaded English USA 870
In The Hunt rom
In The Hunt English USA 1,589
Gekioh: Shooting King rom
Gekioh: Shooting King English USA 657
G-Darius rom
G-Darius English USA 1,645
Asteroids 3D rom
Asteroids 3D English USA 345
Army Men: Green Rouge rom
Army Men: Green Rouge English USA 354
Space Debris rom
Space Debris English Europe 427

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