Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Brave Prove (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,035
World Never IslandJapaneseJapan117
Suikoden II [Bug Fix Patched]EnglishUSA4,115
King’s Field III: Pilot Style (English Patched)English PatchedJapan871
Asuncia: Matsue no JubakuEnglish PatchedJapan625
Persona 2: Tsumi - Innocent Sin (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,961
Tales Of Phantasia (English Patched)English PatchedJapan5,111
King's Field (Japan) [English Patched v1.0]English PatchedJapan723
Valkyrie ProfileEnglishUSA3,565
World of Dragon Warrior: Torneko - The Last HopeEnglishUSA679
Shadow MadnessEnglishUSA485
RPG MakerEnglishUSA487
Persona: RevelationsEnglishUSA1,664
O.D.T.: Escape... Or Die TryingEnglishUSA408
Monkey HeroEnglishUSA468
King's Field IIEnglishUSA750
King's FieldEnglishUSA737
Final Fantasy Chronicles: Final Fantasy IVEnglishUSA1,472
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteEnglishUSA2,934
Breath of Fire IIIEnglishUSA2,446
The King of Fighters Kyo (Spanish Patched)SpanishJapan538
Dragon SeedsEnglishUSA303
Groove Adventure Rave: Mikan no HisekiJapaneseJapan144
Final Fantasy VII Spirit Bug FixEnglishUSA3,877

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