Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Suikoden II [Bug Fix Patched]EnglishUSA4,053
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverEnglishUSA3,519
Tomba! 2EnglishUSA2,406
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixEnglishUSA1,012
Street RacquetballEnglishUSA140
Crossroad CrisisEnglishUSA274
Star SweepEnglishUSA258
Cool Boarders 2EnglishUSA823
Cool BoardersEnglishUSA485
Zoboomafoo: Leapin' Lemurs!EnglishUSA133
Zero DivideEnglishUSA332
You Don't Know Jack: Mock 2EnglishUSA207
You Don't Know JackEnglishUSA265
XS Junior League DodgeballEnglishUSA163
XS MotoEnglishUSA327
XS Junior League SoccerEnglishUSA156
XS Junior League FootballEnglishUSA76
XS Airboat RacingEnglishUSA180
X-Men vs. Street FighterEnglishUSA3,977
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2EnglishUSA2,092
X-Men: Mutant AcademyEnglishUSA1,052
X-Men: Children of the AtomEnglishUSA1,789
X-COM: UFO DefenseEnglishUSA750
X-Bladez: Inline SkaterEnglishUSA108

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