Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Biohazard: Gun SurvivorJapaneseJapan592
Resident Evil: Director's CutEnglishEurope2,396
BioHazard 3: Last EscapeJapaneseJapan982
Biohazard 2JapaneseJapan864
Resident Evil: Ultimate Director's Cut (Hack)EnglishUSA4,545
Nightmare Creatures IIEnglishUSA2,038
Nightmare CreaturesEnglishUSA1,866
Martian Gothic: UnificationEnglishUSA907
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareEnglishUSA2,056
Echo Night #2: Nemuri no ShihaishaEnglish PatchedJapan808
HellNightEnglish, French, GermanEurope1,221
Biohazard: Director's CutJapaneseJapan511
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareEnglishEurope1,904
Alone in the Dark 2: One Eyed Jack's RevengeEnglishUSA901
Evil Dead: Hail to the KingEnglishUSA1,657
Clock Tower 2: The Struggle WithinEnglishUSA1,179
Parasite Eve IIEnglishUSA5,779
Countdown VampiresEnglishUSA988
Dino Crisis 2EnglishUSA5,456
Vampire Hunter DEnglishUSA969
Silent HillEnglishUSA7,183
Chaos BreakEnglishEurope1,050

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