Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
VR Baseball 99EnglishUSA57
VR Baseball '97EnglishUSA44
Triple Play BaseballEnglishUSA143
Triple Play 2001EnglishUSA196
Triple Play 2000EnglishUSA116
Triple Play '99EnglishUSA63
Triple Play '97EnglishUSA60
Sammy Sosa Softball SlamEnglishUSA74
Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001EnglishUSA60
MLB Pennant RaceEnglishUSA57
MLB 2005EnglishUSA170
MLB 2004EnglishUSA60
MLB 2003EnglishUSA57
MLB 2002EnglishUSA47
MLB 2001EnglishUSA59
MLB 2000EnglishUSA57
MLB 99EnglishUSA53
MLB 98EnglishUSA49
Interplay Sports Baseball 2000EnglishUSA57
High Heat Baseball 2000EnglishUSA54

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