Xenogears 2.0 (Hack) PSX ISO

The coverart image of Xenogears 2.0
Game Name Xenogears 2.0
Console Sony PlayStation
Game Release (25 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher SquareSoft
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SLUS-00664, SLUS-00669
Downloads 22,371
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Released By Alcahest
Category Improvement
Patch Version 1.0
Hack Release Date 13 April 2007

Xenogears 2.0 hack features:

  • Original Japanese controls.
  • Japanese Battle combos.
  • Undub FMV (with English subs).
  • Undub in-game voices (battles, etc).
  • Weight stat is back to Kilograms (from lbs).
  • Fixed Emeralda's icon eyebrow transparency.
  • Fixed the arrow cursor in shops that overlapped choices (Buy, Sell, Exit).

Note: Script remains untouched.

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