The Legend of Dragoon [Bugfix] (UNDUB) PSX ISO

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Game Name The Legend of Dragoon [Bugfix] (UNDUB)
Console Sony PlayStation
Game Release
Genre ,
Publisher SCEA
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SCUS-94491, SCUS-94584, SCUS-94585, SCUS-94586
Downloads 2,493
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Besides undub this hack contains several other romhacks:

  • Full XP: v1.2
    - Gives non-active party members the same XP as active party members, instead of half.
  • Encounter Rate Bugfix (Normal Rate): v1.2
    - Fixes the bug in the original game that lowers the encounter rate when running up/right.
  • Expanded Inventory: v1.1
    - Increases maximum inventory capacity from 32 to 64.
  • Undub: v1.2
    - Replaces English voices with Japanese voices, sans certain Dragoon spells, included FMVs.
  • Rose's Blood: v1.2
    - Replaces the "black goo" in the censored US Demon's Gate animation with the red-blood version from the Japanese game.
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