Resident Evil 1.5 (Magic Zombie Door) (Hack) PSX ISO

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Game Name Resident Evil 1.5 (Magic Zombie Door)
Console Sony PlayStation
Game Release (5 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Capcom
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID n/a
Downloads 78,348
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Created by MartinBiohazard
Patch Released 17-02-2023

So, RE 1.5 is a name that was given to an unreleased version of Resident Evil that was supposed to come out after the first game but never did. The project was scrapped and left incomplete. Fast forward 2013 the game was leaked online by Team IGAS but it was mostly unplayable, the rooms weren’t connected, no zombies, etc. MartinBiohazard took over the task to hack the game and make it more playable, connecting the rooms and adding zombies.

Note: The "RE1.5 (MZD).7z" file is the clean leaked MDZ iso needed only to apply future patches. It is otherwise unplayable.

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