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Game Name Grandia ReDux
Console Sony PlayStation
Game Release (24 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Game Arts, SCEA
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SCUS-94457, SCUS-94465
Downloads 4,281
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Now at V.3.0, Grandia ReDux is a mod designed to not only re-balance, but also increase the difficulty of Grandia (PSX). Enemies, items, abilities, characters and environmental changes (such as recovery save points) have been made. The goal is to bring out the potential of Grandia's fantastic battle system and put a greater emphasis on the game's leveling system.

In addition, Grandia ReDux introduces new items, new abilities and different spells for each party member.

Does not work in combination with other patches.


Patched Disc 1 (3.1) MD5: f6b082df4bcc983f0a83d2f3551d6bf6
Patched Disc 2 MD5: 2fae61424a78ca6511b91cde25865f3d

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