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Game Name Yuusha 30 Second
Original Title 勇者30 SECOND
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (11 years ago)
Publisher Marvelous
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Yuusha 30 Second (勇者30 SECOND) is a Action RPG video game published by Marvelous released on August 4th, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

This is the sequel of Half Minute Hero. Only released in Japanese for PSP.

Review by CheeseCake:

Yuusha 30 Second is the direct sequel of Half Minute Hero/Half Minute Hero:Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. There is a localized PC version in English called Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming.
There are cracked PC version by the scene group REVOLT floating around in the interwebs. Try ThePirateBay.

The start of the entire story is set 100 years after the original game in the Goddess Era 600. Each of the three stories are generational shifts set hundreds of years apart spanning 500 years total, ending in the Goddess Era 1000. The single thing connecting all of them is they are all descendants of Hero/Yuusha(Two U’s) from the first game, Half Minute Hero.

There are 5 game modes centering on 3 central characters:
Overture/Judgement with Yusha, the one winged Angel.
Revolution with Yushia, the princess.
Ragnarok with Yuja the “Gods Slayer”
Destiny sees the return of certain characters from several eras ago.
All your allies from the previous 500 years.(This game’s 500 years, not the first game’s although you do meet a few familiar faces as NPCs)

The Battle System

The game’s battle system is based solely on Hero 30 (since all the protagonists are Heroes, lol). It has the familiar insta-grind system we have come to love with a little more added onto it.

Unlike the first game, there is now a world map called G-mode(Global Mode) to grind your character outside of missions to raise your minimum level.
The missions all start with your character at your G-Level and all “quick levels” are reset back to the G-LVL upon finishing the Quests.
You should grind a little bit because they raise the minimum levels of the monsters as you progress through the story.

G-LVLs and old equipment are transferred to the next generation.
You can visit your old stages and regions by going to the Goddess statue in G-mode and choosing one of the two options available.

There is also formations and classes. Formations gives you a party boost based on the location of your characters and affects how the battle starts off but the “Hero” is always on the front row center.
Classes give extra stats and certain boosts depending on what weapons it supports. The majority of weapons have “weapon skills” that the Hero can learn and equip permanently but you only gain EXP for weapons that your Class supports. 1 EXP is gained for every use of that specific skill. Mastered Skills can be equipped with any class.
For example, say you have a Sword with a skill at 2 EXP. You can only gain EXP if you are on class like Swordsman, who supports Swords and Greatswords.
There is the Skivvies class you start with that supports all weapons in the beginning but that’s the newbie/starter class and it gives terrible extra stats so I strongly recommend changing to something else.

You also get a Hero Castle as your base that doubles as a Giant Mecha to fight the giant monsters that will show up. The Hero Castle’s damage and HP is completely dependent on the parts you give it. Upgrading allows more Castles to be used so save up some cash for this.
Using the Hero castle does not award the quick levels so I recommend a good grind first before going to fight those giant monsters blocking the way. (So you don’t have to backtrack all the way back for training.)

Extra Modes:

There some nice extra stuff like Time Attack, Infinite Battle, Map Editor, and Multiplayer Battle.

Time Attack

Time Attack is the same as replaying stages from Goddess Statue but you get to time yourself. You can use any equipment you have gained to do the stage, which makes you a bit overpowered on the earlier stages.

Infinite Attack

Infinite Attack is a Boss Rush mode. You start with literally nothing as Yusha with his starter equipment. The point of this mode is to kill as many bosses as possible before the time limit ends. You can, of course, reset the time as much as you want with the required amounts of Gold. The equipment can be at the Villages/Towns. Any equipment you buy is automatically equipped and the previous equipment is removed/replaced. The order of the items is pretty random. You might get a really good item at one point but it costs alot. At a later point, you might even get crap that isn’t work the money.
It’s prioritizing between saving money or splurging it on that really good piece equipment (and still having enough money to reset the clock once).

Map Editor

You should definitely know what this is just by looking at the title. You can create and play User-Created Maps with other Steam users.
You first choose a Map Base for the general size of the entire area. You then can edit the tiles, choose basic quest scripts, monsters that appear on a tile, the items in the general vicinity, and the tune of this Quest. Pretty Standard Map Editor.
You can receive Community created maps or Publish your own work on Steam for other users to enjoy.

Multiplayer Battle

This is the online multiplayer of the game where you co-op with other players on multiplayer exclusive missions and user created content.
I don’t know the exact details of this since I never tried it( or could because I’m a goddamn fucking pirate.)

The game continues in Real Time so move fast since Time doesn’t freeze in villages like Story Modes. You move individually with only the Heroes and complete tasks that will let you kill the Evil Lord of the Quest. Whether you fight together or separately is your choice. Any rewinds anyone uses applies to the entire team.


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