Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (UNDUB) PSP ISO

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Game Name:Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
Console:PlayStation Portable
Game Release:
Publisher:FromSoftware, Ubisoft
Languages:, ,
Image Format:ISO
Game ID:ULUS-10419
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Tenchu: Shadow Assassins is a Stealth video game published by FromSoftware, Ubisoft released on March 24, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

In Gameplay there a few word are still in english for example:

Rikimaru/Ayame voice: Damn!, Sorry, other than it are mostly undubed!

Enemy guard voice (when discovered): A Ninja, Intruder!, Enemy Attack,There you are!, other than it are mostly undubed!

Instruction voice: In Stage 2 the very begining voice will be in English then the rest stage are undubed also for next every whole stage are undubed!

There is some unclear voice I hear in English in some part but however in Gameplay it has English voice but Japanese voice is more in it and the whole all Movie/Cutscene are in Japanese voice with English text, it’s not bad undub for give a try.

It’s only little English voice not really bother me anyway! hope you like it 🙂


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