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Game Name StormLover (Shokai Seisanban)
Original Title STORM LOVER 初回生産版
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (12 years ago)
Publisher D3Publisher
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULJS-00299
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StormLover (Shokai Seisanban) (STORM LOVER 初回生産版) is a Visual Novel video game published by D3Publisher released on August 5th, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgYou are a new transfer student and as you start of your school life in an unknown city, you met a lot of people, including charming boys! Will you find your love here?

A dating sim as student? It’s not that special right? Every game will have you chase the hero, get his confession and the end! Happily ever after. But not with Storm Lover!

(+ )What’s so different with this? You will get the guy in the middle of story. The main idea of Storm Lover is not how-to-get-a-boyfriend, but how-to-get-a-boyfriend-and-maintain-your-relationship! After fulfilling his heart meter, which usually only needs a couple in-game weeks, he will confess to you and you can start a date as lovers until the end of the story!
(+) Sounds fun? Not yet! Girls (and boys, perhaps?), being nice to all guys are not good, even in this game! What would you do if you went on date with your boyfriend and when you go back home, you found another guy waiting for you in front of your house? This guy thought your kindness as a hint for confessing, then he picked a fight with your boyfriend, and then both of them will tell you to choose one! Yeah, being beautiful is such a sin, I know.
(+) Aside of the hot rivalry between the guys, you can enjoy the sweet school life. You will need to study for exam, enjoying festival, taking a part-time, or going on holiday, with your boyfriend of course. Psstt, you like forbidden love? Just between you and me, you can aim for your teacher too. *winks*
(+) Give your boyfriend a present. You like him with glasses? Hat? Or maybe pierces? Go ahead and buy it then you can make your boyfriend (sprites) changed based on your coordinate!
(+) As an extra, for you who like seiyuu or voice actors, this game is fully voiced, with fabulous casts. Let’s say :
Hatano Wataru (HXH’s Shaiapouf) as Yuuto, the student president from the rich family.
Terashima Takuma (Log Horizon’s Shiroe) as Kyousuke, your classmates who excels in sport.
Kaji Yuuki (SnK’s Eren Jaegar) as Rikka, the prankster junior.
Miyano Mamoru (Death Note’s Yagami Light) as Souya, the flirty vocalist of an uprising band.
Miura Hiroaki (Onegai Teacher’s Matagu Shido) as Takumi, the delinquent who infamous as a seductive bad boy.
Namikawa Daisuke (P4’s Yuu Narukami) as Mio, the softspoken and eccentric senior.
Yasumoto Hiroki (Hetalia’s Germany) as Tsukasa, your nice and understanding teacher.
Is that all? Nope, even the sub characters have great actors behind them like Onosaka Masaya and Kimura Ryohei. Definitely the best casts for a great game!

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the STORM in your love life with STORM LOVER!

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MD5: a4f637ba187b5b7d193e6a84be6d86b2


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