School Wars: Sotsugyou Sensen (Japan) PSP ISO

School Wars: Sotsugyou Sensen
Game Name:School Wars: Sotsugyou Sensen
Original Title:スクール・ウォーズ~卒業戦線~
Scene Release:School_Wars_Sotsugyou_Sensen_JPN_PSP-MOEMOE
Console:PlayStation Portable
Release Date:2007-06-27
Game ID:ULJM-06283
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School Wars: Sotsugyou Sensen is a Visual Novel video game published by Quinrose released on June 27, 2007 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgThe sequel of School wars. The Fire incident of Suzushiro was solved, thanks to you a.k.a Ichijou Shiori. You only have a few more weeks before graduation but suddenly, an emergency rose. An investigation team was sent to look around Seiran High with an agenda to shut down the school!? But why? Shiori will once again pick up her handgun for the last time to protect her school and of course, to investigation the core of the sudden agenda of shutting down her school!

Even if it happened after the first game, everyone, except Itsuki and Shinya, got dragged back as your friend. Too bad, yes, too bad. I wish them to stay as my boyfriends but well, can’t say more. The game focused on investigating the incident. I wish more lovey dovey but I guess, this is school WARS after all. And also, the mini games available. So, if you love the first game, try this one too for a brand new experience of School Wars!


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School Wars: Sotsugyou Sensen (Japan) PSP ISO Download

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