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Game Name:Petz: Hamsterz Bunch
Scene Release:Petz_Hamsterz_Bunch_USA_UMD_PSP-PLAYASiA
Game Release:2009-10-27
Languages:, , , ,
Image Format:ISO
Game ID:ULUS-10446
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Petz: Hamsterz Bunch is a Virtual Life video game published by Ubisoft released on October 27, 2009 for the PSP.

Review by Wolfzen:

avatar=69_1408938584.pngI hate to say this, but I got one minute into this before shutting it down.
This is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to control for me, so I’m not even going to bother.
It’s the future, and apparently you can carry a hamster without the problems of clearing up excrement. and other waste.
You can watch these hamsters on channels, and you can feed them and all that.

The plot in my opinion is completely BORING, and so is the actual playing of it. I tried to actually adjust to the controls but NOPE, wasn’t happening.
I’d give this game a rating of 1/10, because the controls are difficult, and it’s hard to imagine having something akin to “fun” whilst playing this game.
Don’t let my review discourage any of you probable hamster-lovers; try it out yourself to see if it’s meant for you.

It certainly wasn’t meant for me.

.iso CRC-32: 140cad64


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