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Game Name Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (10 years ago)
Publisher XSEED Games
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPUH-10187
Downloads 27,028
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Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows is a Visual Novel video game published by XSEED Games released on January 15th, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Wolfzen:


WARNING: This may contain spoilers of the main game, Corpse Party. Read at your own risk.

This is the spin-off to Corpse Party. This game is about the same characters as last time; Satoshi and Yuka Mochida, Naomi Nakashima, Seiko Shinohara, Ayumi Shinozaki, Yoshiki Kishinuma, Sakutaro Morishige, Mayu Suzumoto, and their assistant teacher, Yui Shishido.

Player discretion is advised. This game may be seen as terrifying because of several bloody scenes that may be viewed as disturbing or beautiful. Take your pick. You can now view CGs from the last game, as well as this one. There is also a voice mixer, where you can replay various phrases from the game. You have also acquired the ability to listen to the OST in this game.

Time has rewound, and Satoshi finds himself the only one who remembers the horrors of Heavenly Host elementary school. Of course, no one else believes that the ‘Sachiko Ever After’ charm could send them to that hell. They think Satoshi’s just being silly. But he isn’t; he’s instead overconscientious. He knows what’s going to happen, and will do anything to stop it. And, resulting from that, they’re sent back.
But there is a new ray of hope. There’s a small, tiny chance that they could prevent the deaths of their friends from the previous time. This time around, they might just have an opportunity….

…Is what Satoshi wants to believe. Follow the group in a replay of their most darkest moments, and watch in horror as things go horribly wrong. Featuring many new characters, and more grotesque deaths and even more frightening moments. Seven chapters, and an extra previewing the sequel Blood Drive on PSVita. Seven terrifying moments with no room for comfort. With a new visual novel system making it even harder to navigate and escape, brand new CGs to make you soil your pants, can you trick fate?

Can you escape, and stay on the road of sanity? Try the game out, and see for yourself how deep you can dig your grave.]

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