Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~ (Japan) PSP ISO

Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~
Game Name:Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~
Original Title:華鬼 ~恋い初める刻 永久の印~
Console:PlayStation Portable
Release Date:2011-03-17
Publisher:Idea Factory, Otomate
Game ID:ULJM-05847
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Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~ is a Otome/Visual Novel video game published by Idea Factory, Otomate released on March 17, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

Asagiri Kanna, the heroine, doesn’t show her emotions much. Her entire life she was avoided by everyone, even her family, and she didn’t know why.

On her 16th birthday, a demon named Shizuma Mitsuaki came to get her. It is then she learned that she’s actually a demon bride. Demon brides are cursed to fall into the land of demons. Everything they do seem alluring to men and they are hated by every woman.
And what’s more, her intended groom, Kitou Kaki, the demon lord, wasn’t pleased to see her and tried to kill her on several occasions. The situation just kept getting worse and worse for Kanna..

Other demons saw her as the lord’s weakness and is after her life as well. Now her only source of protection is the lord’s team of guards but they might also have ulterior motives.
Kanna has to try and survive the demon bride curse and the attempts on her life.. while searching for her destined man/demon.


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Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~ (Japan) PSP ISO Download