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Game Name Half Minute Hero
Console PlayStation Portable
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Publisher XSEED Games
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Half Minute Hero is a RPG video game published by XSEED Games released on October 13th, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by CheeseCake:

avatar=387_.jpgHalf Minute Hero is developed by Marvelous Entertainment and localized by XSEED Games (now a subsidiary of Marvelous USA) in the U.S. and Rising Star Games in Europe.

There is a PC version on Steam that allows Online Multiplayer. You will find it. It’s known for its ridiculously long name. The sequel, Half Minute Hero 2/Yuusha 30 Second, is in English only on Steam as “Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming.” PSP version stays untranslated for very good reasons.

The screenshots are my own. You can use them for whatever you want if you ask me first.
Half Minute Hero is a series of action games split into 4 different character stories. It’s a RPG, a Real Time Strategy, a Shooter, and Survival.
These are separated into 6 modes called Hero 30, Evil Lord 30, Princess 30, Knight 30, Hero 300, and Hero 3.

Initially, Hero 30 is the only mode available, which makes sense since Hero 30 to Hero 300 is one long continuous story. Hero 3 is a post game mode to test your mettle.

Hero 30

It is the Goddess Era 100. It starts with a Hero who, during the course of his journey, arrives in an unknown land and ,by chance, meets an Evil Lord that wants to destroy the world. He casts a Spell of Destruction that takes 30 seconds to complete. The Hero meets a woman named the Time Goddess that grants him the power to turn back time in exchange for a set amount of Gold.(She’s a gold digger) The Hero uses this power to defeat Evil Lords that are plaguing the unnamed World.Hero 30 is a map based action RPG where you fight random monsters for EXP and do quests by NPCs to solve any obstacles blocking the way. The main point of each stage is to defeat the Evil Lord.
You will always start at Level One. It is the price you pay for insta-grind.
Getting to the Evil Lord is the hard part since it’s a hassle to get there with all the spells, map shifts, and route destruction each Evil Lord will use to stop you from killing them.
Hero took 4 damage!Stages can be replayed at any time for reasons under here.
There will be stages where you will be given two choices to perform. This is one of those branches in the story depending on the choice. It’s nothing to worry about because you can replay the stage to open up the other branch of the story. The branched storylines reconnect at a later point so choosing one side does not actually affect anything other than the equipment you gain. (Playing both branches will snag you both sides’ equipment so I recommend doing just that.)You cannot use equipment from the future in past stages. The game tells you this when you attempt to replay a stage with new equipment from a later stage.

Evil Lord 30

100 years after the era of the Hero. The fabulous Evil Lord still lives. A familiar antagonist from a century before reappears and attempt to control the minds of the humans. The Evil Lord meets some of these humans while on a night stroll and decides to punish the humans and bring them back to their senses.

Real Time Strategy Game
Real Time Strategy Game

Evil Lord 30 is a RTS that uses a rock-paper-scissors advantage-disadvantage system similar to Fire Emblem’s Swords->Axes->Spears->Swords weapon triangle.
The goal of each level is very bluntly announced by Evil Lord himself before the start of the battle in the dialogue.

The Evil Lord is a summoner. There is 30 seconds to defeat everything. He is surrounded by a mana ring that recovers over time after each summon. The size of the circle determines the rank of the monster that you summon from small little literal cannon fodder(No. I’m actually serious here. Actual cannonball monster) to large behemoths.

The triangle is Brutes beat Nimbles. Nimbles beat Shooters. Shooter beat Brutes. Pretty Simple.

Nimbles, Shooters, Brutes.

The purple/red mana ring will regenerate on its own when it has not reached the maximum amount. The gray circle is your mana cap. You can increase it by going to the “Goddess Hot Springs” after gaining enough G(Gold). The mana cap will be decreased in battle when Evil Lord is tackled by an enemy. The only way to heal your mana cap is by paying the Goddess ALL YOUR CURRENT CASH and resetting the time. 10G or 2000G.(This gold digging bitch).
The amount of Gold you have by the end of the level will be saved in the Evil Lord’s personal vault for trips to the Hot Springs.

Princess 30

Goddess Era 300. The Evil Lord has prevented the actions of a certain antagonist and peace was restored. This mode stars the Princess, a tomboyish princess that likes firing bows. The story of this mode includes the Princess solving the problems of the people like gathering certain items.

High Speed Shooter
High Speed Shooter

Princess 30 is a side-scrolling shooter with the Princess and her goons on the left side of the screen. You use your almighty Crossbow to Blunderbuss(You read that correctly) all those monsters to death in your search for certain items.
Monsters, of course, drop gold. Collect all that money.
The Time Goddess has laid out Time Reversing carpets all over the world that collects money from you in exchange for small rates of change as long as you’re on the carpets. How Convenient is that?
When you reach the end of the stage and collect your item, you will be going backwards to return back to the castle gates.
Faster! faster!

Knight 30

Goddess Era 400. After the previous heroes’ actions, the world was prevented from descending into chaos for 300 years. WAS is the keyword. In this era, everything has gone to ruin and monsters run rampant. The ones who are left is a Sorcerer and a Knight she revived for the purpose of “protection.” They are on a journey to
Find Hero who had frozen himself in Goddess Era 100.

Death Defying Survival Game
Death Defying Survival Game

Knight 30 is a survival game. Each stage has monsters trying to kill both Knight and the Sorcerer. Sorcerer can cast a miniature Spell of Destruction to wipe out all monsters in the area. It is your job as the knight to protect him while he chants his spells.

Basically, he revived you to be cannon fodder while he casts his fancy ass Level 5 SUPER LEGENDARY FINAL EARTH MAX JUSTICE MIRACLE DREAM GALAXY BIG BANG INFINITE STARLIGHT MAXIMUM TOTALLY WONDERFUL ULTIMATE BREEEAAAKKKERRR (You have no idea how many anime references I just pulled out of my ass right here. I know around 23 series that use these specific keywords in their Ultimate Attacks)

You should do anything to protect Sorcerer. You can pick out items lying around and hit enemies surrounding you. You can also drag and carry Sorcerer to safety using Drag and Dash. When the 30 seconds are up, the Sorcerer will cast a blinding ray of light that obliterates all the enemies in the area.
enemies in the area

Hero 300

I will not spoil the story here. It’s the ending so I really don’t want to spoil anything. The battle system is the same as Hero 30 except you get 300 seconds to complete the entire stage. Hourglass Resets are gone now for certain plot reasons but 300 seconds is do-able for most players that have gotten used to the system by now.

Hero 3

Same as Hero 30 but 3 seconds only. The monsters give bucket loads of money so prepare to grind and buy all the equipment while paying off the Goddess’s surmounting debt for Hourglass Resets.
I will tell you this. It is do-able but will require several retries to get the trick to grinding and getting back to a safe location quickly.

Recommended Games

Half Minute Hero 2/Yuusha 30 Second on the PSP but that’s in Japanese. BUT WAIT
The second games has been translated into English on PC only on Steam. It is called “Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming”.


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