Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (USA) PSP ISO

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Game Name Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (13 years ago)
Publisher Aksys Games
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULUS-10409
Downloads 29,413
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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is a Fighting video game published by Aksys Games released on April 7th, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Wenedpoh:

avatar=327_.pngHey! Want to burn some adrenaline with heavy metal playing on the background while you kick your enemy’s ass?
Welcome to Guilty Gear


If you never touched a fighting game, this little “basics steps” will guide you in becoming the best and not fail hardly at it!
We start off with the controller’s which are:
Control setup

Let me clarify this a bit:
P: Punch attack
K: Kick attack
S: Slash attack
HS: High slash attack
L: Taunt (bitching your opponent)
R: Dust (special attacks and to send your opponent into air to combo him to death)

Now let’s pass with the HUD


1-Tension bar: This is one of the most important things you should keep an eye on it. You can use overdrives, interrupt combos to start a new one and use a special shield which will block all the damage, all this consuming it.
2-Special bar: Each character is different and some of them use a special bar for their moves
3-Burst: A special move which will make you character pop up and push back your opponent (mainly to avoid getting your ass kicked in a long heavy damage combo)
4-Guard bar: This controls how well you are defending yourself which may make you take less damage or more damage (don’t cowardly stay defending in a corner)
5-Health bar: Easy to understand. This is our health, when it reaches 0 is a game over for us.
6-Timer: Determines the length of the round, when it reaches 0 the player with most health remaining wins.

With this in our mind, we can jump in the training mode and try out all the characters available.
“But … where are the explosions and… flashy skills?”
Don’t worry! On the pause menu you can go to command list and it will pop up all the skills your current character can perform!

pause menu


So now that we are more familiar with the genre, what does the game has to offer us?
In resume it will be something like “Hours and hours of badass fights”
Let’s start out with the modes:

Story Mode

So yeah, even if it’s a fighting game, it has a story behind it!
Without going into a history book it’s basically:

“Human invented a new power called “MAGIC” which provides unlimited power for everyone but didn’t stop war at all since humans are hungry for more and more power. They created biological weapons called Gears (combination of Human+Animal+Magic) to fight for them. They were mere slaves with no emotions. There was a project called “Justice”… the perfect killing machine. Later on Justice goes crazy and with her ability to control all gears she starts the war against human race which lasted for 100 years and it was called “The Holy War”. To beat these gears, human race putted aside their difference and formed the “The Sacred Order of Holy Knights”. These elite warriors were chosen to fight the gears and send Justice to a dimensional prison.
Five years later, the prison walls started to tremble and so the human race leaders organized a special tournament to form a second “Order of Holy Knights” with a special prize, any wish for the winner.”

Almost all characters has more than one ending depending on how you performed certain actions (beating x in less than x seconds, finish your opponent with a overdrive and so on)

Arcade Mode
Choose your character, defeat all the stages you will be presented and have fun with the last stage (Cheating AI Boss)

You fight your opponents which will make the difficulty level increase till you reach a certain number. Then a special character appears which is stronger than usual (Dark/Gold version of the characters).
Strong points of each versions:
Dark-Infinite Tension Meter
Gold-Exaggerated stats in everything except Tension Meter
The point is to get the best score in the less time possible.

Survival Mode

“Going to get my ass kicked here :D”

M.O.M mode
Here you must aim in getting good combos because your opponent will drop treasures (the better you chain your combos, the more valued treasures they will drop)
M.O.M mode

“Hard to explain so here’s a pic for it”

Team vs. and VS
Want to just play small matches with friends or alone with the AI?
This is your mode.
Choose your characters and jump into the fight! (The team mode lets you choose up to 3 characters to fight)
Team vs. and VS

You are presented with some tasks to perform under certain rules. That’s mission mode.
Mission Mode

All the music and beautiful art you unlocked during your gameplay can be found here.


This needs a special section
The music is made by the genius Daisuke Ishiwatari. You will find yourself that you can’t choose a favorite track since they are all bad-ass and goes well with the characters/fight.

CRC = 1834C23D


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