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Game Name Fate/Extra
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (11 years ago)
Publisher Aksys Games
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Game ID ULUS-10576
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Fate/Extra is a RPG video game published by Aksys Games released on November 1st, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

Note: This game comes with voices in Japanese.

Review by Red Phantoms:

Red Phantoms AvatarOverview:
Fate/EXTRA is the only one of Type Moon project outside PC, that have very solid story due to other console games are basically in arcade fighting genre. This is a fine breeze due to Type Moon are excel in story writing department. The game itself is a breed of visual novel, RPG and little bit of dungeon crawling. So it was both welcome addition to both visual novel fan and newcomer.
Lets engage in the Virtual Reality world, where all you see is not real, to compete in exclusive “Holy Grail War”. A tournament hosted by recently discovered mysterious super computer inside moon which is known as “Moon Cell” or “S.E.R.A.P.H”. The winner will have their wish granted no matter what it was and the loser will be deleted from existence.
You and your competitor are a futuristic class of mage, who not only adept in casting a spell but also hacking to the whole new level. as you not only transfer and manipulating data but also your soul and conciousness into matrix…….. Hacker magus….cool XD

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You will fill the shoes of a young man who will aware that he keep redone an exact same day as yesterday. As you struggle to break from S.E.R.A.P.H memory jamming. You will find out that only magi with strong willpower are allowed to participate in the tourney. And thus you progress to the final test and find yourself killed by S.E.R.A.P.H combat program…. the end…… err wait hats all just the tutorial.

Actually you will be playing as either male or female silent protagonist to compete against said tournament with same settng as tutorial guy. Unlike the poor guy before, you finish the test, accepted in tournament and even nominated as a weakest participant of all. How delightful. Then again everything just goes from weird to worse. First off all you you had a nightmare even though human can not have a dream in virtual world. Then you still don’t remember anything other than your name despite the Jamming has ended and memory should be already transferred back. Lastly you almost miss the fight due to S.E.R.A.P.H didn’t register you into the query. Something must have gone incredibly wrong since S.E.R.A.P.H is not just a normal computer. it is not manmade and considered as a celestial artifact made by the god. So don’t expect blue screen, crash or syntax error.

Live or die by the sword


Even though it has adventure RPG and dungeon crawling part, this game major is Visual Novel. So expect a HEAVY text and dialogue. As the fighting sequence it was simply a glorified rock paper scissor with addition of skill, support magic and item combined with RPG style stat parameter.
The game game can be divided into Investigation and Tournament part. In investigation part which is 90% of the game, you will given a week to roam the virtual schoolground and dungeon to find out information of your opponent’s servant. You can talk to many NPC and learn more about the world since they always change topic each day. You also can go train your servant in dungeon by fighting a combat program installed there. But beware sometime your rival will jump at you and ignore the rule not to fight outside arena. Just don’t let your guard down. If you manage to get the 2 mandatory item “cypher key” at weekend, you will advance to tournament part where you go all out against your foe. Depend on how many information you got during investigation, you will make the battle either impossible or breeze to win.

The jewel of this game is your servant. They are a heroic soul both from real and mythology realm. You will be paired with one of the 3 available class servant, which not only serve as the battle sprite but also as difficulty setting and the story itself. Each have their own combat preference so do not think you can use same tactic for different servant. They also have their own personality. A narcissistic Saber, stingy and septic Archer and enigmatic Tam….. ehem Caster. The most important part for them is Alteration of soul. With it you can alter the base stat of your servant to your liking. From a bulky tanking Caster with lot of strength and HP to magical Saber with ton of magic….. for your sake of sanity and playthrough, i don’t recommend it though.


This game is a solid RPG with interesting story. With branching route, multiple master gender + servant combination event, this game are potentially had a high replay value. Sadly enough the mandatory grinding and same battle music again and again and again are obstructing them to the fullest. Luckily some of the issue will be fixed in the next installment.

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