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Game Name Fate/Extra CCC
Original Title フェイト/エクストラ CCC
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (9 years ago)
Publisher Marvelous
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50505
Downloads 12,417
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Fate/Extra CCC (フェイト/エクストラ CCC) is a RPG video game published by Marvelous released on March 28th, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Red Phantoms:

Fate Extra CCC is the 2nd installment from Type Moon’s Fate Extra series. The game itself is a breed of visual novel, RPG and bit of dungeon crawling element. it happened right between prequel’s semi final and final match. Yet the ending was an epilogue right after the first game ending. so i guess i can say it was a sequel. =_=

Experience the virtual world created by the moon supercomputer aka S.E.R.A.P.H. Investigate the the incident related to S.E.R.A.P.H while racing against time to the core of the system and preventing it’s take over by some mysterious individual.
You can play right on into this title, but it was strongly recommended, that you finish the prequel for better understanding of the story.

You will be continuing the role of either male or female silent protagonist as one of participant of the exclusive “holy Grail War”. Right after you finish the semi final, you will find such a strange occurrence. At first you start to forget about something important. Then you started hearing things calling for you. And lastly you find maintenance NPC “Matou Sakura” pass out in front of school entrance.

Matou Sakura

After take care of her by bringing her to infirmary. You hear a mysterious announcement and the school was suddenly under attack by unknown program. Panicky you ran to the rooftop, witnessing your competitor devoured one by on along the way. In the end you were cornered and forced to jump off the building.
You awake shortly after in a emergency world created in the far side of the moon as back up program for main holy grail war system. Together with your foe in the tournament you are tasked to investigate the situation directly under Student Council Assembly and try to revert the accident….
Student Council

The gameplay itself is generally tweaked but not stray too far from the 1st game. it focused in Visual novel department with addition of RPG and dungeon crawling part. So like before, Expect a heavy dialogue and text based description. The combat itself are generally the same. A glorified “Rock Paper scissors” game combined with skills, support magic, item and RPG style stat parameter with more animation and skill added to it.

Like the prequel, this game can be divided into Investigation and “diving into heart” session….. just bear it with me guys you’ll understand it later. The investigation part is where you will investigate the Maze and report your finding to student council assembly. Unfortunately you will be obstructed by strange firewall that made by special ingredient with security level of a star. Which mean its is surpassing even the highest level of security rating and can be considered as indestructible locked door with no key hole. So it was impossible to breach by hacking. As story progressed it will be revealed that the firewall are made by will of the girl to protect their secret…..(no offense, but considering how do they like gossiping, i don’t think it was good idea) O_O

So since the girl in question is happened to be master from your foe, it was your job to find their secret and deliberately embarrassed them in public……. well after all the student council always in contact in open channel with you so….. meh.
After undoing 3 firewall by those funn….. ehem embarrassing moment each girl will make her final resort by making a relief wall that is far more superior to the firewall. This wall is actually the representative of their heart and anxiety. the only way to bypass it are to dive right into their heart by using ancient art and fight against their anxiety………… literally. Hence “dive into heart session”. In this session you will fight like in prequel’s Tournament mode and as trophy this game also adding “punish mode” after battle. Basically the girl will make a statement and you have to response with a counter which is actually related to their secret. The more correct answer the less petal obstructing the image…. yep Fan service…..=_=)a

One section that heavily tweaked is your servant. Beside the 3 original Partner serving as 3 difficulty, the developer adding 2 more playable servant. Gilgamesh a newcomer that literally considered as cheat difficulty level and a for spoiler sake just let me call her anonymous servant acting as guest for short time. This game also add costume for both your master and servant to choose. Sadly they took away Alteration of Soul which mean your servant is now had a fixed stat parameter. Yep no more magical saber T_T
Lastly the developer really responded the fan complain for the prequel mandatory grinding and tweaking level growth. Thus you can just focus to explore the dungeon and progress the story yet you still ready for the boss considering you play your card right.

Solid visual novel / RPG with ton of add on from the original. With 4 Servant route + extra route that unlock able after 1st play-trough, this game are meant to have a big replay-ability. Not to mention the developer also fix the grinding issue. Too bad they took away alteration of soul. I also find the lack of servant in roster and decision to replace servant identity investigation with girl secret is….. disappointing. Despite all its flaw this game are generally have better game-play than its prequel.

CRC = BF2E4463


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