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Game Name:Dragon Ball Evolution
Scene Release:DragonBall_Evolution_EUR_PSP-ZER0
Console:PlayStation Portable
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Publisher:Bandai Namco Games
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Image Format:ISO
Game ID:ULES-01227
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Dragon Ball Evolution is a Fighting video game published by Bandai Namco Games released on April 17, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by goldenguy43:

goldenguy43 avatarOh god, why they’ve even made this game? Well guess I should tell you why it sucks.
Dragon Ball Evolution is a video game based on the God awful American live action movie of the original Dragon Ball anime, the story mode is kinda okayish since it follows the God awful movie and you fight the characters from it .

The character designs are awful since they don’t look nothing like the anime and the gameplay is kinda similar to Shin Budokai, so if you want a crappy game on your PSP then play this and see it for yourself if this abomination is worth the shot

Review by earllingao:

earllingao avatarOK first of all I like to say that Dragon Ball franchise is awesome but this movie ruined the anime series. Who even made this movie????!!!!!
This game is a total waste of time so I will give it a rating of 1/10.
Worst game that I have ever played. Y8 games are much more enjoyable that this.
First of all the game play. You can finish this game within 1 hour to 2 hours. The dialogue of the characters are so bad.
Second, it is a rip off of shin budokai but has less character, less story, less mode, and much more less than shin budokai.
Third, the graphics are so bad. The graphics are like a PS1 game.
Fourth, the battle system. The combat feels like Tekken but not enjoyable.
Last but not the the least is the soundtrack. This is the only good thing about this game because it has cool sounds.
You can download it but I will not recommend this game.
(Its worth a try to figure it out if it is bad or good to yourself).

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