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Game Name Clock Zero: Shuuen no Ichibyou Portable
Original Title CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~ Portable
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (12 years ago)
Publisher Idea Factory
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULJM-05945
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Clock Zero: Shuuen no Ichibyou Portable (CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~ Portable) is a Visual Novel video game published by Idea Factory released on October 13th, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgKurou Nadeshiko was a twelve years old girl and a daughter from a wealthy and high class family. She went into a school for rich kids, also joined an after-school club called Clock Zero to spend her free times. She was just a normal kid, with a normal happy-go-round life who only thought about play with her friends and to study hard since she wanted to be a doctor.

But there was something weird happened to her recently. Every night, she had a dream, a lucid dream of her older self, at least ten years older than she was now. Everything around her turned into ruins. She didn’t know what had happened, or what she should do. She just ended up wandering around between ruins until she could wake up from the lucid dream. She easily forgot about it as she spent her days back at the school and the club. But soon enough, she would come to understand that her /scary/ dream had a very deep meaning.

Clock Zero, is a visual novel with sci-fi in it. The story is well written, made you unable to stop after you start it. Of course, as an otome game, this game also offered routes based on man you aimed. For this game, you will find :

(+)Kanou Riichirou (Maeno Tomoaki, also UtaPri’s Camus) is Nadeshiko’s childhood friend. A boy who tried to act cool in front of Nadeshiko even in the end, he just a crybaby. He hates to get into troublesome thing and his reason to join the after school club is only because Nadeshiko is there.
(+)Tokita Shuuya (Ishida Akira, also Amnesia’s Kent) is a tall and a model. He has a trouble on remembering anything, not even the name of his friends. He acts mature and even sometimes, hard to understand for an eleven years old kid.
(+) Saionji Toranosuke (Sugiyama Noriaki, also Naruto’s Sasuke) is a boy with eye-patch who basically the bad boy and the troublemaker. He always trying to skip the class and also the club as well. He usually engaged in fight with local delinquents. A closet yandere.
(+)Hanabusa Madoka (Toriumi Kousuke, also UtaPri’s Cecil) is a brother-complex boy who followed whatever his brother, Nakaba, said. He wants to support Nakaba and do everything for him rather than for his own self.
(+) Kaidou Takato (Namikawa Daisuke, also Storm Lover’s Mio) is a cheerful boy who recently transferred to Nadeshiko’s school. He is bad at cooking yet amazingly genius on other things. But even so, he has difficulty to find his reason of life and apparently has no dream to achieve.
(+) Wanderer (Maeno Tomoaki) is a cold man who always came to save Nadeshiko in her dream world.
(+) Philosopher (Ishida Akira) is an enigmatic character that Nadeshiko met in her dream who always seen talking in riddles. Seems like he knows more than Nadeshiko herself.
(+) Traitor (Sugiyama Noriaki) is a man with a hair covered his eye that Nadeshiko met in her dream. A yakuza member who tried to catch Nadeshiko and wanting to use her as hostage.
(+) Bishop (Toriumi Kousuke) is a man with fur coat that Nadeshiko met in her dream world. A member of government who pretty harsh with Nadeshiko but soon turned soft if he realized he was going too far.
(+) King (Namikawa Daisuke) is the king of Nadeshiko’s dream world. He led the scientists team and also, had a secret agenda in his hand thus why, he tried to keep Nadeshiko around him.

You will see this game as Nadeshiko. Everyone wanted a happy life, and of course you and Nadeshiko wants the same thing. Her daily was perfect, with friends and a blessing life. But every night, she faced the fact that sadness always followed after happiness. Which one is dream? Which one is reality? Clock Zero is trying to make us realize that there is only a thin line to separate dream and reality. And if you’re Nadeshiko, which one will you choose? To take the white lie? Or to face the harsh truth?

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