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Game Name Breath of Fire III
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (16 years ago)
Publisher Capcom
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Game ID ULES-00193
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Breath of Fire III is a RPG video game published by Capcom released on February 10th, 2006 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by LordZemus:

avatar=402_1408883903.jpgThe Breath of fire series still goes on with a new entry to the RPG series:

You are once again Ryu ( same main character, different story ) and you journey across the world seeking your true identity ( a dragon like in the entire series ) together with your friends while preventing it from plunging into chaos.

It jumps from 2D to 2.5D allowing for more complex puzzles and environments compared to its predecessors (the camera will make you suffer sometimes)

Compared to Breath of Fire 1 and 2, the turn-based battles take place onscreen(no transitions) and anywhere (prepare for some awkward camera angle battles ) but even so it´s a bit slower paced than the others, which is compensated by a more complex battling system: Your characters are now able to learn enemy attacks by watching them(some of them) and can learn new skills and alter their stat growth by assigning them to Masters that can be found all around the world (they´re well hidden though), you will need them since the new enemies wont fall through brute force alone (like previous games)

Another 2 features it carries over from the previous games are the unique skills each character possesses to interact with the wold: Ryu can cut things, Teepo can kick things, Rei can unlock closed doors …So if you’re stuck crossing a river, try kicking a nearby rock, it might work! And the other one is the ability to interact with the environment during dialogs and events (try moving the directional pad when you’re in the train in the prologue while the thugs are talking and you will see what im talking about).

BOF 3 a interesting RPG play and quite amusing, just be prepared to get lost a lot since there is no decent map or lack of it and the camera will make you rage, combine that with quite a number of enemies (a lot of them) and you have a game meant for those who regard patience as a virtue, but entertaining nonetheless.

Review by magistery0:


a dragon trapped inside a rare crystal called chrysm suddenly awakened by the people mining the place, burning down everyone on its path to freedom, until he was subdued by a stronger opponent. lost and unaware the dragon turned into a little boy named Ryu and was rescued by the Thieving Duo Rei and Teepo!
Ryu with his new found friends are now making a living by stealing and mugging other people without remorse!

As if the trio of bandits could live in peace and happiness.. dreaming that one day they’ll leave the land and travel to the big city of Wyndia.. disaster strikes! as one of the victims that the trio messed with came back to hunt them down and gave them a payback that will severe their ties forever.
Ryu, found himself alone again, without his friends at his side.. who’s usually a crybaby and strongly dependent of his friends, now gathers a strong resolve, decided to take a journey of finding them.


2D eye candy goodness! the bright colors, the details of the characters designs accompanied with individual animations and the beautifuly 2.5D-3D rendered enviorments fits in the game just right!


Bof3 uses a traditional turn based battle system which is quite common in the RPG world.
but what’s unique about this game is Ryu’s Dragon ascension ability that enables him to transform into powerful Dragons!


the music is just wonderful to listen to. it fits every theme in places and in towns for what they stand for nicely.
there are NO VOICE ACTING (aside from battle voices) in the game as it was made in 1998 and was later ported to the PSP in 2005.


It’s a Great game! hands down to one of my favorite games of all time!
great story that builds up overtime, great cast of characters with unique personalities, catchy soundtrack(s), i just can’t recommend this game enough to RPG fans! get this game if you hadn’t yet!


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