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Game Name Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (10 years ago)
Publisher Idea Factory
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Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope is a Visual Novel video game published by Idea Factory released on December 20th, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgIn this world, different races are living together. There are humans, cats and wolves as well as rats, lions, dogs and rabbits. Weblin is a small kingdom with forest surrounding it. For centuries the different races have been living in peace. Humans and wolves allowed the cats to rule the beautiful kingdom.

But nothing lasts forever. Soon enough, disputes and frictions occurred between the cats and the other races and ended up to a rebellion 10 years ago. The wolves, who were working as royal guards, pointed their swords at the royal family — the Garibaldi family. A heavy sin was committed and the royal guards are crushed, leaving only a small numbers.

As if to spice up everything, an epidemic called Zodiva infected a lot of people. Zodiva is a disease, which stains its victim’s skin with black speckles, consumes their brain and ultimately causes madness. It was a mystery where it came from, but a rumor fleeting around that Wolves were the one who spread it, as the first village which infected on it, got attacked by the wolves before, and people began to talk about the wolves’ curse and calling Zodiva as the “Mad Wolf Disease”.

In order to ease the citizens fear, King Garibaldi VI stated a law to allowing anyone to kill wolves for protection. People started using the law to hunt for wolves for fun instead of protecting themselves. Ten years have passed since then. The number of wolves decreased drastically, and the damage of Zodiva is fading away. But, people keep on hunting wolves, driving them near extinction. With the wolves being hunted down, the cats became invincible. They were living an extravagant life in the castle while the citizens struggled against Zodiva outside. Weblin fell under an absolute monarchy.

But moving in the darkness, wolves plotted their revenges, for the comrades and families that died because of the ruthless Garibaldi Family.

You will see this game as Fiona, a girl who confined in a tower. Fiona was a Loberia, who had a weak body and easily got infected by any disease. For her safety, her father confined her in the tower. She isn’t allowed to leave the tower, but she can play in the garden in front of the tower.

Everything was peaceful for Fiona, as she didn’t really know what happened out from her tower, and then a hooded man came. The hooded man used Fiona as a hostage to flee the tower as everyone came to discover him slipped into the tower. As the hooded man held her as a hostage, Fiona came to understand that the world out from her tower wasn’t as beautiful as her garden. The innocent Fiona, now got trapped between the friction of Wolves and Cats. But…Was there nothing she could do to reach a peace? Or..war would be something inevitable?

Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope is supposed to be a sweet side of Bloody Nightmare which released first for PC. Last Hope is focused on ‘love story’, than the complicated wars between the races. Even if it’s an otome game, anyone, even guys, will enjoy this one. The deep story and conflict will able to satisfy your thirst of great Visual Novel.

But well, since it’s an otome-game, means that we will able to follow the route of boys for a happy end. And here, we have :
(+) Mejojo Von Garibaldi (Sakurai Takahiro, also Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud), the next king of Weblin and also Fiona’s fiancée. He is ruthless and despises Wolves a lot. Selfish and thinking that he is the most important. But secretly have an inferiority complex. He loves Fiona a lot and would do anything to get her back.
(+) Auger Von Garibaldi (Yoshino Hiroyuki, also Hakuouki’s Heisuke ), younger brother of Mejojo. Appeared as someone irresponsible and hedonist. In contrary of his strict and prince-like brother, he didn’t even care about anything else, even looked down on Fiona. He is a man with thousand lies.
(+) Rath Vogart (Kaji Yuki, also SnK’s Eren), the young and quiet brother of Arles and also the hooded man who kidnapped her. He despised Von Garibaldi, but even so, he conflicted himself as he still has a sense to tell right from wrong and whether it’d be fine to kill everyone, even innocent people.
(+) Arles V. Felnoir (Morikawa Toshiyuki, also Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth), the leader of Wolves. He was a royal guard before the rebellions. Charismatic leader and quite mysterious. He showed a vicious side of him as he wanted to fulfil his goal. But even so, he showed kindness, made anyone wondered if he was really the monster.
(+) Nesso Galland (Miki Shinichirō, also Hakuouki’s Hijikata), a Von Garibaldi’s human general and also Fiona’s brother. He is a sister complex, or even worse, he loves Fiona to the point he wanted to marry her. It’s not taboo in BWS world but his enemy is the heir of Von Garibaldi. He’d do anything to keep Fiona safe, for himself.
(+) Elza Clifford (Kishio Daisuke, also Vampire Knight’s Kaname), the lion and also subordinate of Nesso. He said he owed Nesso something so he’d live for his sake and also, to keep Fiona safe.
(+) Zara Skeens (Ishida Akira, also Tales of’s Reid) is a rabbit and a caretaker for Fiona. As a butler, he is strict, worrywart and busy body. He often gave out a sarcastic remark toward Fiona but it was clear he cares a lot about her.

War will never be good, at least that was how we had seen in the history book. But what if war is the only answer? Or rather, how would you handle it if you’re in situation where you can save one between two parties that important you? Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope is a game where you will see that the world is not black and white, but rather, gray and you should find out which one who is darker than other.

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