OPENBOR (Beats of Rage) Game (.PAKs) for PSP and PC

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Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (19 years ago)
Publisher Senile Team
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Beats of Rage (also known as BOR) is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Senile Team.
It was initially released as a video game tribute of Streets of Rage 2 with characters from King of Fighters. But later became an engine where anyone could create their own 2D side scrolling beat ’em up!

How to use OPENBOR on PC/PSP:

  1. Download the BOR engine (links at the end of the post).
  2. Extract the archive with winrar.
  • For PSP version: Copy the OpenBOR folder inside the PSPGAME folder.
  • For PC version: it’s ready to use after extracting, use OpenBOR.exe to run it.
  1. The games come separated in .pak files (links below), you need to download the games, extract them and copy the .pak file inside the Paks folder of OpenBOR (see image below).



Beats of Rage (Original Game) by  Senile Team

This is the game that started it all, the original beats of rage game: A streets of Rage mod. Playable characters are: Blue Mary, Maxima and Kula.

pic_0022 pic_003227

Rhythm of Destruction 1 by Mr. Q and KingHerb

Another version of beats of rage, selectable characters are:  Vanessa, Robert Garcia and Yamazaki from King of Fighters and Ryu and Chun-li from Street Fighter.

pic_0038 pic_0041

Rhythm of Destruction 2: Street Fighter Edition by Mr. Q and KingHerb

pic_0014pic_0001_3 pic_0009

Final Fight X by jiam

A final Fight remake very similar to the arcade version, nothing too flashy added just regular FF.

pic_0001 pic_0003 pic_0036

Contra Locked ‘N’ Loaded by DarkBloodbane

 This mod is an attempt to remake Contra, one of top classic games, with OpenBoR. It’s not 100% remade but at least basic and important gameplay is remade

Modes: 3 missions, 1 locked mission & 1 locked boss rush mode

Soldiers : Bill Rizer, Brad Fang, Probotector, Sheena Etranzi, Mad Dog, Bahamut & Lucia

– Shoot in 8 direction
– Slide (no invincibility though)
– Platform drop (disabled in some levels)
– Free and fixed shooting mode
– Carry 2 weapons but only use one everytime

– Unable to climb walls
– Unable to hang to railing
– Unable to fire 2 weapons at same time

– 12 different weapons
– Health bar which gives 3 hit points for player
– Health item to restore health
– Motorbike mode
– Plenty pseudo travel levels both horizontal and vertical
– Challenging bosses and subbosses
– Save game is enabled for all missions but Boss Rush

This mod uses 4 buttons, don’t forget to define key for each!

pic_0047 pic_0067 pic_0070

Knights & Dragons: The Endless Quest: Ver 3.3 by Pierwolf

Uff, this game is amazing…author notes:

The new, improved Knights & Dragons: The Endless Quest!
Start an epic journey in a land full of miseries and adventures! explore the realm of Karameikos, complete the quests scattered across the map, find new friends that will join in your travels, and unveil the mystery under the monsters’ invasion!

  • New & improved level-up system! as you level up, you will gain health points, magic points and new exciting special moves for all the characters!
  • New game modes! unlock the Endless Quest with all the characters available from the start! or put yourself to test with the new Arcade Quests, where you start at level 20 from the beginning, and face all the quests without break, in a classic arcade battle that will leave you breathless!
  • New block system! now you have an appropriate button to defend yourself!
  • New recover system! when knocked down, press the jump button and the directional controls repeatedly to stand up immediately and crush your enemies!
  • Up to 4 players can play together! Can you survive in this perilous lands by yourself, or you’ll face the threats with your trusted fellowship?
  • tons of treasures, monsters and DRAGONS!
  • Available for windows and psp systems!

pic_0001_2 pic_0005 pic_0008

Art of Fighting: Beats of Rage Remix III by Mr. Q

This is based off of the original fighting game Art of Fighting that comes to a Beat Em Up tradition.

Ryo Sakazaki hears that his father, Takuma, is killed (supposedly), and missing. Even his sister, Yuri, is kidnapped. So he contacts Robert Garcia and talked to him about it.

pic_0080 pic_0099 pic_0109

Crisis Evil 1

pic_0000Crisis-Evil-1---ScreenShot---00 pic_0002

Crisis Evil 2

pic_0002trCrisis-Evil-2---ScreenShot---00 pic_0016

Credits to the respective authors i don’t own anything.

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