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Game Name Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (13 years ago)
Publisher Gust, NIS America
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Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy is a RPG video game published by Gust, NIS America released on August 25th, 2009 for the PlayStation 2.

Mana Khemia 2 is the 10th game in the Atelier main series and the 2nd game in the Mana duology.

Atelier Series Description – RPG Revision

You know what I said about the other Atelier games?
Wipe that out of your mind now.

Although these are part of the main series, these Atelier games are different from their alchemy focused counterparts.

The games here are actual traditional RPGs with an emphasis on story and battle system while the alchemy takes a backseat.
Although I say the alchemy system is there, it’s been diluted to its base and has hardly any of the complexity the actual alchemy focused ones have.

The RPG Ateliers are Iris 1-3 and Mana Khemia 1-2.

It’s from a weird era of Gust where they decided to stray from the normal formula to produce real traditional turn based RPGs.
Unfortunately, this series is pretty niche already in Japan and having male protagonists and different gameplay resulted in comparatively low sales so Gust will never make these again.

Still these games are still worth playing because

  • Actual story. I mean a real overarching plot, not just character interactions. Whether it is rediscovering the secrets of a long lost civilization, saving the whole fucking world from dastardly villains, hunting gems to fill your book, or just living a peaceful school life. It’s there.
  • Battle system. For these titles, Gust actually took the time to develop a decent battle system from the ground up and make alterations that evolved it over time between titles with the final games, Mana Khemia, having a fairly complex battle system compared to the first Iris game. It is somewhat accurate to say Iris’s battle systems is a prototype of Mana Khemia’s.
  • No time limit. Some people like it, others don’t. This is a RPG, doesn’t make sense to have one.

Mana Khemia 2 – Fall of Alchemy Description

This is written in a way assuming you read the description of the first game.


The second game of the Mana series, set about 15 years later. After the first game, the academy fell from the sky due to weakening support in the pillar.
In the years after, the academy went into a decline as enrollment dropped heavily and it had to “expand its offerings”.
This has some success and the academy managed to stay afloat.
Nowadays, it’s no longer solely an alchemy academy for the gifted but a general academy for a variety of fields.

You have two story routes that you can choose at the start:

The male protagonist is a guy named Raze, who’s a servant in the Valendorf house and is forced to accompany his master in her enrollment at the academy.

The female protagonist is a country girl named Ulrika that has absolutely no knowledge of alchemy but enrolls in the classes because she is caretaking a Mana egg.

Like the first game, your daily activities will be your weekly doses of classes, Free Time, sidequests, and character events along with the actual Story events at the end of the week.
And like the first game, the main story unravels itself over time but you need to play both routes for the full connection.

Battle System

It is almost identical to the first game. Overall, there are as many playable characters as before BUT they have been split between the two routes so you only have five playables per route with a sixth guest character related to the opposite route joining you during certain story segments.

Variable Strike and Finishing Burst have been replaced by Intimate Strike and Finishing Strike.

Unlike the first game, Intimate Strike can be triggered by anyone in the support group with their own version of the attack.
The requirement is only that you be in Burst Mode. After you use your first Support attack, switch over to your 2nd support character and press Triangle for Co-op Skill instead of X and that 2nd character will use his Intimate Strike.

If your Finishing Burst/Strike gauge is full from all your constant hits, you will automatically get a screen where you can choose a Finishing Strike from the three character portraits given to you. As far as I know, who you get is random.

Alchemy System and
Character Development

The alchemy system remains unchanged from the first game. The same spinning roulette of elements.

The Grow Book’s format was changed. Instead of a branching tree, as you progress through the game, silhouettes will be given to you and same deal as always. Craft the item in the silhouette and use AP to gain those sweet stat boosts and skills.

The book is divided by synthesis categories: Weapon, Armor, Accessory, and Use/Material Items.
Change Class are titles that give your characters the effect that is described on it. You unlock more of them as you increase the % of the Grow Book you complete.

Gameplay Video

Had a incomplete Xth run save from a few years ago so why not?
Forgot Intimate/Finishing Strike existed until later in the video.



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