Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (English Patched) PS2 ISO

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Game Name Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
Original Title キングダムハーツIIファイナルミックス
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (16 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Disney Interactive, Square Enix
Languages , ,
Image Format ISO
Game ID SLPM-66675
Downloads 136,086
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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (キングダムハーツIIファイナルミックス) is a Action RPG/RPG video game published by Disney Interactive, Square Enix released on March 29th, 2007 for the PlayStation 2.

This game came out only in Japan as a bundle titled: "Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +"

It contained 2 games:

  1. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (This one)
  2. Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories

English patched ISO updated to Crazycatz00’s version.
It includes 3 patches (versions 0.99.15222.0425r):

  • 1. Translation: Based on 2.5 HD
  • 2. Dual Audio: Provides a way to change the language in-game (Start-> Config Menu). Adds Japanese lip-sync, battle voices, and gummi voices.
  • 2.1. DA-Videos: Adds Japanese audio to pre-rendered cutscenes.

The clean Japanese ISO which you can use to apply any patches you want.
MD5: 1BD351E1DF9FC5D783D8318010D17F03
CRC: 3bc34e06

The Japanese iso is in Japanese with English voices.

Relevant FAQ entries:

How to emulate with PCSX2
How to change the game language?


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