Dragon Shadow Spell (Japan) PS2 ISO

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Game Name Dragon Shadow Spell
Original Title ドラゴンシャドウスペル
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (15 years ago)
Publisher Flight-plan
Image Format ISO
Game ID SLPS-25735
Downloads 2,826
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Dragon Shadow Spell (ドラゴンシャドウスペル) is a Tactical RPG video game published by Flight-plan released on January 18th, 2007 for the PlayStation 2.


  1. Battle system:

Typical RPG game with turn based actions. the menu consists of: [move-attack-techs-items-status-party mode-end turn].

  • move: move in certain distance.
  • attack: attack with weapon.
  • techs: magic/skills.
  • items: use items in inventory.
  • status: display characters stats and abilities.
  • party mode: using BP perform special actions only available while in party mode or use normal actions with all members participating in party mode.
  • end turn.
  • BP: points gained from performing actions (move/attack/magic/items). but cant be gained from skills.

2. Missions:

Main missions (M): advance the story.

Bonus missions (B): bonus events or battles.

Quest missions (Q): battles not related to the story but they are funny and hard sometimes.

3. Training:

There is a battle simulator that contains 50 stages which u can use to get EXP or CP.

EXP: experience points.

CP: code points.

CP are needed to improve and strengthen your party and are obtained by killing demons or CP jars (cant get them from ghosts or human enemies).

EXP is given for every enemy you kill and is poured in the EXP pool that can be distributed between your party after every battle.


In order to view the true ending you have to:

  1. view all missions
  2. do all private talks on the deck of the ship
  3. get the shop level to 9
  4. do every side conversation with NPCs that you can find in towns
  5. collect all masks from “the masked runner” mini game. basically when you get the first mask you have to talk to people around the towns while wearing specific mask.
  6. before the final battle go to the church and talk to the NPC there then accept the final mission.

aaaaand thats all i remember. BTW if your looking for translation for the first 4 chapters look them up in youtube, but just so you know the person who made them stopped for some reason. However, if you wish to see this amazing game translated, vote here: Link

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