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Game Name Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (15 years ago)
Publisher Gust, Koei
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Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm is a RPG video game published by Gust, Koei released on August 3rd, 2007 for the PlayStation 2.

Atelier Iris 3 is the 8th game in the Atelier main series and the 3rd game in the Iris trilogy.

Atelier Series Description – RPG Revision

You know what I said about the other Atelier games?
Wipe that out of your mind now.

Although these are part of the main series, these Atelier games are different from their alchemy focused counterparts.

The games here are actual traditional RPGs with an emphasis on story and battle system while the alchemy takes a backseat.
Although I say the alchemy system is there, it’s been diluted to its base and has hardly any of the complexity the actual alchemy focused ones have.

The RPG Ateliers are Iris 1-3 and Mana Khemia 1-2.

It’s from a weird era of Gust where they decided to stray from the normal formula to produce real traditional turn based RPGs.
Unfortunately, this series is pretty niche already in Japan and having male protagonists and different gameplay resulted in comparatively low sales so Gust will never make these again.

Still these games are still worth playing because

  • Actual story. I mean a real overarching plot, not just character interactions. Whether it is rediscovering the secrets of a long lost civilization, saving the whole fucking world from dastardly villains, hunting gems to fill your book, or just living a peaceful school life. It’s there.
  • Battle system. For these titles, Gust actually took the time to develop a decent battle system from the ground up and make alterations that evolved it over time between titles with the final games, Mana Khemia, having a fairly complex battle system compared to the first Iris game. It is somewhat accurate to say Iris’s battle systems is a prototype of Mana Khemia’s.
  • No time limit. Some people like it, others don’t. This is a RPG, doesn’t make sense to have one.

Atelier Iris 3 – Grand Phantasm Description

The third game is actually unrelated to the previous two games.
It’s completely standalone.

This game takes place in the city of Zey Meruze. The special characteristic of this city, other than the spanning river channels, is the fact that it is connected to several other dimensions called Alterworlds via hidden portals

In this setting, we have Edge Vanhite, Iris Fortner, and Neil Ellis, who are “Raiders” that work for the Raiders’ Guild, a mercenary-like organization that does jobs for people for a price.

While you are rising through the ranks of the guild, you will also discover more about the mysterious book that Iris holds in her possession that seem to contain enormous power sealed within it.

The gameplay for this goes a different route from the two other games. Instead of travelling through the whole entire region with a band of lackeys at your side, your entire adventure basically revolves around this city. The Alterworlds are like dungeons but bigger and you access all of them within this one city.

When you enter an Alterworld, you are given a timer that tells you the amount of time you can stay in it. You will be kicked out when the timer goes to zero and you’re not given a choice really. The only way to stay longer is to pick up these hourglasses on the ground that extends the duration of the timer.

At the Raiders’ Guild, you pick and choose which jobs you want. Each quest gives a reward and a set amount of points that goes toward your Rank. Through this, you rank up and unlock more Alterworlds to visit and the main plotline continues through this.

The battle gameplay went through another drastic change. While you keep the refillable bar for skills at the top right, the time gauge has been replaced with Time Cards, which changes how Breaks/stuns work in the game. When you hit a enemy with enough hits, they will go into Break status and their card portrait starts spinning, allowing everyone else’s turns to pass right through the enemy until he recovers from the Break. Also any attacks you perform on a Breaked enemy will automatically be Critical.

Another change to the formula is you only get 3 playable characters in this game BUT what has been added instead is some Mana “Blades” that Edge and Neil can change into. By changing what Blade you have equipped on the character, you actually alter the playstyle the character uses.
Iris stays as her alchemist self, using all the synthesized Mana Items she produces.

The default Edge uses a mechanical sword but you can also turn him into a ninja that wields a kunai, a dark type axe user, or some winged angel guy that can auto-revive himself.

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