2D Fighting -the Best- (Hack) PS2 ISO

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Game Name 2D Fighting -the Best- (Hack)
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (15 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher Atlus, Capcom, Ecole, Idea Factory, Sammy Studios, SEGA
Image Format ISO
Game ID USGR-00002
Downloads 18,659
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A romhack that compiles 7 PS2 2D fighting games in one disc. Made by UsagiRu.

Games included:

  1. Sengoku Basara X
  2. Guilty Gear Xx #reload
  3. The Rumble Fish
  4. Melty Blood - Act Cadenza-
  5. Hokuto No Ken
  6. Arcana Heart
  7. Spectral Vs. Generation

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