Spelunker: Don't Skip Leg Day (Hack) NES ROM

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Game Name Spelunker: Don't Skip Leg Day
Console NES
Game Release (36 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Broderbund
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When I first played this game I was shocked at how easily your guy dies from jumps that would be considered safe for most games, and even real life.
That is a feature unique to this NES port...

Hackers to the rescue:
These patches either double the height from which you can fall without dying (Fall 2X) or eliminate falling damage completely (Leg day patch).
Leg day patch is not recommended since you'll survive long falls you are not supposed to and get stuck anyway.

Now if someone could fix the rope so you don't fall when pressing left/right it would be amazing (wishful thinking).

Released By famiclone
Patch Version 1.0
Hack Release Date 26 August 2020


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