Famicom Wars (English Patched) NES ROM

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Game Name Famicom Wars
Original Title ファミコンウォーズ
Console NES
Game Release (35 years ago)
Publisher N
Languages ,
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Famicom Wars (ファミコンウォーズ) is a Strategy video game published by N released on 1988 for the NES.

aka translations version:

with title screen addendum by Ice Man, and Spinner 8 and friends patch used.

Status Fully Playable
Patch Version 1.11
Release Date 09 October 2008

Stardust Crusaders version:

Status Fully Playable
Patch Version 1.01
Release Date 04 March 2023

(Rev 0B).nes CRC-32: 29f3a0f7 (needed by patch)
MD5: f2cbdf384b455e74be44e2a93cf04490


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