Star Fox Command (D-Pad Patched) NDS ROM

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Game Name Star Fox Command (D-Pad Patched)
Console Nintendo DS
Game Release (15 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Nintendo
Image Format .nds
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Star Fox Command (D-Pad Patched) is a Shoot 'Em Up/Strategy video game published by Nintendo released on August 28th, 2006 for the Nintendo DS.

D-Pad Patch info:

Released By: Cracker
Status: Done
Patch Versions: v2 – v3 – v4
Release: 24 November 2014

This is a hacked version of Star Fox Command it allows you to move with the D-pad instead of the stylus. Works properly on real hardware only, on desmume i think only v2 works as intended v3 and v4 behave same as v2 and on no$gba nothing works.

There are 7 ROMs in this pack:

  • sfcu.nds – Clean ROM, un-patched moves with stylus.
  • sfcu-dpad-normal-v2 – D-pad to move, removes the firing with left/right.
  • sfcu-dpad-reverse-v2 – Same as v2 with inverted Y-axis controls.
  • sfcu-dpad-normal-v3 – D-pad to move, remaps A to boost and B to brake.
  • sfcu-dpad-reverse-v3 – Same as v3 with inverted Y-axis controls.
  • sfcu-dpad-normal-v4 – Fixes v3 side effect of infinite boost.
  • sfcu-dpad-reverse-v4 – Same as v4 with inverted Y-axis controls.


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