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Game Name Spectrobes
Console DS
Game Release (16 years ago)
Publisher Disney Interactive
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Spectrobes is a RPG video game published by Disney Interactive released on March 6th, 2007 for the DS.

Review by LordZemus:

LordZemus avatarSpectrobes is the first entry of your space themed pokemon-like game where you must fight the Crawl, a planet devouring alien race that has now arrived to your planetary system and no weapons are able to even make a scratch on them ; the only way to harm them is by using the Spectrobes: long extinct creatures that are able to fight the Crawl on even grounds.

1- Just like pokemon you have to find and train Spectrobes to fight the Crawl. They are already extinct so you have to dig them up and revive them in your spaceship, feed them crystals that are also buried (which is a f****g chore, but gives extra XP) so they can get stronger and evolve into their adult and ultimate forms since the child form cannot fight, so you must use it as a living radar to find fossils crystals…


2- When fighting you fight as Rallen and 2 spectrobe companions. Use the buttons to make Rallen attack which does a pitiful amount of damage , so use Rallen to stun and bait enemies while you attack with your 2 spectrobes with the R and L button. Any extra adult spectrobes on standby you have can be used as boosters to enhance the power of your fighting spectrobes until it is time to switch them.

It is overall a decent game there are quite a variety of spectrobes to choose from each one with its perks and quirks and the action-fighting system is solid (except for the fact that you have to keep Rallen’s sorry ass from being beaten to not get Game Over), the downsides are however on the boring side: you have to dig a lot of fossils and crystals (which is a chore to do because you have to dig them up manually and there is no quick way to dig them up until endgame), and the special attack that you can charge up manually in the battles makes short work of it, making the game really easy to the point of being pointless, so if you want a fair challenge, don’t overuse it (good thing they removed it in the other games to enhance the difficulty).

Since it is the first entry of the not so famous Spectrobes trilogy, it may appear mediocre to you at first but the company that created this game (Jupiter) makes major improvements in the series with each entry, so this game will serve you as a warm up and introduction to the trilogy.

As a side note, Spectrobes games were expected to be popular, so Jupiter added Input cards with the games to unlock hidden content, but sadly it didn’t meet its expectations . If you want the input codes here is a link: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/932841-spectrobes/cheats


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