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Game Name Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals
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Console Nintendo DS
Game Release (13 years ago)
Publisher Disney Interactive
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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals is a RPG video game published by Disney Interactive released on October 7th, 2008 for the Nintendo DS.

Review by LordZemus:

LordZemus avatarTaking place a few months after the events of Spectrobes 1, Rallen and Jeena have to fight the Crawl yet again, and this time they face the five leaders of the Crawl scourge. The game looks much better now, with even more Spectrobes to find and not as clunky to play.

The game:

1- Like the previous game, you have to find, raise and train Spectrobes to face your enemies, and yes, the mining and excavating is still a chore (and this time they even added terrain hazards to make it even more frustrating, yay…) but unlike the previous game: Its 3D now!

2- The battle system has changed from the previous game: instead of Rallen and the Spectrobes fighting in the same area, fighting is divided into 2 parts: Rallen fights in the over world and must survive the onslaught of enemy projectiles the enemy vortex shoot at him (this means no more cheap deaths because of him being too weak in battle), and when you touch a vortex, your 2 main Spectrobes go into battle and together they fight the Crawl, and unlike the previous game where you only had to push 1 button to control them, now you have to dodge, move and use different attacks to beat your enemies; also the Spectrobes’ pros and cons will play a great role in battle (unlike the previous game), so choose wisely what Spectrobes are best for each situation.

3- As the title suggests, we have to go through portals to travel to planets that have been decimated by the crawl and gather clues on how to fight them, and that implies customizing your ship and play and asteroid mini game each time you go through the portals, but don’t get too hyped, it is not THAT awesome.

To finish this review, I have to mention that the final game, Spectrobes: Origins, is Wii exclusive, but don’t fret: it should be 20 bucks on EBay or if you are a pirate you can easily download it; so to wrap this up I’m gonna add a mini-review of it to get you interested.

A couple of months after the events of Spectrobes: BtP, Rallen and Jeena are assigned to investigate an unstable portal and end up being sucked in and transported to another solar system, and they can’t go back the same way they came! And our blockhead Rallen somehow manages to have his Spectrobes device malfunction. Landing in the nearest planet Wyterra, they find a human civilization and learn that the Crawl are also attacking the planet; unable to use the Prizmod, Rallen and Jeena are given the Combolink to summon them, but they have to work in tandem for it to work (this means that you can choose either Rallen or Jeena to fight, and this time neither of them are pushovers when fighting, unlike the first game).

The digging system is much more simpler now and instead of a chore it is actually fun, and with the new much more active approach to the game play, Spectrobes Origins makes for an excellent finishing game of the trilogy.

Spectrobes – Beyond the Portals also has an Input system; here you go:
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