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Game Name Pokemon Conquest
Original Title ポケモン+ノブナガの野望
Region , ,
Console Nintendo DS
Game Release (9 years ago)
Publisher Nintendo
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Pokemon Conquest (ポケモン+ノブナガの野望) is a Strategy video game published by Nintendo released on June 18th, 2012 for the Nintendo DS.

In Japan: Pokemon Purasu Nobunaga no Yabou (Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition)

Review by LordZemus:

LordZemus AvatarWelcome to feudal Japan style Pokemon battles! You are the new feudal lord of Aurora , one of the 17 lands in Ransei that you have to conquer if you want to fulfill the legend every feudal lord strives for and meet the very Pokemon that is said to have created the world. Right at the start you meet Oichi, a cute girl who out of the blue wants to be your henchman and help you in your conquest , and before introductions could finish , your very first battle starts with an enemy invasion of the neighboring land (a Bidoof and a Tepig… [claps slowly] … watch out we got tactical genius over here…) and the story begins…

The game

This Pokemon spin-off centers around tactical-based combat where your Pokemon goes through the map filled with obstacles and dangers (how Pokemon should actually be) and faces other foes.

The difference between the main series lies in:

  1.  Only 1 attack per Pokemon (lame).
  2. Trainers can actually participate in battle by giving special powers unique to each trainer.
  3. Your team is made of trainers with each one having only one Pokemon (mega-lame) that you can recruit in maps (you can even recruit the feudal lords!) , later on you can switch the Pokemon for another one if you bond with them in the battle-field.
  4. Your Pokemon don’t gain experience points , but affinity (insert friendship is magic joke here) the higher the better stats they get.Most trainers have better affinity with other Pokemon than with the one they already own. For example , your main character can get a 200% affinity with Evee (your initial Pokemon) and maybe only a 60% affinity with a Pikachu. When this stat is high enough , Pokemon evolve , and trainers too! :When trainers evolve they get additional powers for combat.
  5. There is a variety of shops for your unholy crusade :the regular shop (each trainer can only carry one object per battle) , Ponigiri-food shop to keep your team in high spirits (lower moral results in poor battle performance) , and training grounds to train and recruit allies.
  6. The extra trainers you get can be put as watchdogs in the conquered lands to repel enemy invasions (oddly enough I’ve never been invaded in my entire campaign , I was the only one violent out there spreading death , destruction and misery wherever I went).

It’s quite an interesting game and a fresh (yet quickly forgotten) addition to the Pokemon franchise . The music has that medieval Japan style and the sprites and images are quite charming . Technically a short game since the lands can be conquered easily , but with WIFI connection you can add additional episodes with characters you’ve met in the main campaign. Most of the feudal lords you face are named and stylized after real-life historical people and if you look closely the over-wold map , you can eve recognize some of the Pokemon regions of the main series! (Personally I’d wish they included traveling through these regions as part of the conquest and face multiple fronts and enemies rather then conquering one by one, lost golden chance there, we should ask a hacker to modify this!) A decent game if you want to try something different, but you will get the feeling that there is something missing since in most Pokemon games you explore entire regions and there is a lot of hidden stuff , this spin-off is more straightforward and doesn’t dawdle in those things ,it has a lot lost potential that could have made it mainstream instead of a rare Pokemon game almost no one heard off.

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