McDonald's eCDP (J+English Patched) DS ROM

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Game Name McDonald's eCDP
Console DS
Game Release (13 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher N
Languages ,
Image Format .nds
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McDonald's eCDP is a Edutainment/Simulation video game published by N released on November 11th, 2010 for the DS.

McDonald's eCrew Development Program game. Plus a very early Alpha patch, little is translated, see GBATemp for details. Due to the high interest in this game you can expect updates soon. TheHomebrewerGuy disappeared after releasing his v0.5 alpha menu patch.

By the time he got back a new team was formed and started translating from scratch. A new patch was released that is better than the old one.

This is not here to annoy the translation team but to raise awareness, since most people literally forgot this was a thing a long time ago.

Project site:
Credits: KabanFriends and the McD eCDP Community.

Current version: v2 WiP.


  • Game UI: 57 %
  • SES 100%
  • SEC: 34%
  • SOC: 5%
  • data: 5%


This game requires some work to run. I'll explain on DesMUME cos that's what i have. Methods will vary on different platforms.

  1. Open DesMUME
  2. Open .nds ROM
  3. Go to File > Import Backup Memory...
  4. Point to the location of the .sav file.
  5. This is crucial: select the 2nd option on the next window
  6. Click OK.
  7. The game will reset. Click "Enter Password"
  8. Insert 482500 twice (Insert button is at the bottom)
  9. Congratulations you are IN!

CRC (Clean Japan): 088CEA8F


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