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Game Name 7th Dragon (English Patched)
Original Title セブンスドラゴン
Console NDS
Game Release (13 years ago)
Publisher SEGA
Image Format .nds
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7th Dragon (English Patched) (セブンスドラゴン) is a RPG video game published by SEGA released on March 5th, 2009 for the NDS.

Note: There’s an optional version of the patch, “USA version”, with a lowered encounter rate and field damage. There are cheat items available in both versions if you’re absolutely fed up with the pain. The goal was to maintain some of the core difficulty while still mitigating aggravation, but since the target audience of the game is masochists, the base patch remains unaltered.

Version History:

Patch version: 1.01 – Crisis Averted: Third release 4/13/2014. Eliminates the DeSmuME workaround.

  • The Portal Edo workaround was removed; abuse can make the game unfinishable.
  • Existing cheat codes are sufficient to reach the Forbidden Gate in DeSmuME.
  • If using DeSmuME, see “DeSmuME Crash”.

DeSmuME Crash:

The following information is relevant only to DeSmuME; NO$GBA and real NDS are fine.

DeSmuME crashes when you land on the central island group. This makes the game unfinishable, because you need to travel there once late in the game to advance the plot.

However, activating the following cheat will allow you to walk directly onto the Forbidden Gate on the central island and enter it directly without triggering a crash. From that point, you can activate Portal Edo yourself and use the Portal system to bypass the crash from then on.

Walkthrough Obstacles (Hold R)
1200a1ba 0000d100
94000130 feff0000
1200a1ba 0000e000
d0000000 00000000

Tips and Tricks

  • A DeSmuME bug may occur when visiting the game’s central island (and surrounding small isles), crashing the game. The player needs to visit this island once, and only once, to advance the plot. This patch adds a workaround – reactivating the first nine Portals in the overworld, and then stomping some Bloom, will automatically reactivate the tenth Portal as well. The player can travel through the tenth Portal and advance the plot without ever having to visit the central island. This is a small sequence break that skips a short cutscene.
  • There are a few skills that make the game much easier to play – the Knight ability Walk Safe, the Samurai ability Evil Eye (“Demonic Countenance”), and some form of MANA regeneration (the Princess’s Moonlit Song or the Healer’s Craft Mana). A Knight/Samurai/Mage/Healer party is essentially easy mode.
  • The “7th Dragon USA” patch reduces the encounter rate by 50% and damage from Bloom (“Furowaro”) by 60%. While that’s a huge decrease that neuters the resource management side of the game, it does leave battle difficulty intact while making variant parties more viable. (In other words, it’s not much more of a cheat than having a Samurai and a Knight in your party.)
  • Registering a character with the second Mage appearance and the name “♪TLOVE“, activates a cheat that equips the new character with items that prevent all random encounters and Bloom damage, which you can transfer to other characters as desired.
  • There are 28 secret passwords that provide an extra SP, if you’re willing to forgo a custom name. Each one is attached to one of the class appearances:

♪TST01-04: Fighter
♪TST05-08: Knight
♪TST09-12: Rogue
♪TST13-16: Samurai
♪TST17-20: Mage
♪TST21-24: Healer
♪TST25-28: Princess

CREDITS: http://cavespeak.org/


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