Yet Another Pokemon FireRed Hack (Hack) GBA ROM

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Game Name Yet Another Pokemon FireRed Hack (Hack)
Console GameBoy Advance
Game Release (9 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Indie
Image Format .gba
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Patch Version: v1.16b
Credits: DoesntKnowHowToPlay
Patch Details:

So I heard that you guys like Pokemon Hackroms. What you don’t know is that you DON’T like bad Pokemon Hackroms.

Yet Another FireRed Hackrom is just that: a simple gameplay overhaul of the always good Pokemon FireRed. While the Plot and the setting remains the same, the changes done to the gameplay will make you think it is an enterely different game.

The game introduces you to a completely fresh Pokedex with a selection of 151 Pokemon from Generation 1 to 5, the ammount of diversity and balance is just amazing. Followed by that, a complete revision of the Movepoll, Stats and Gameplay mechanics, that adapt stuff from the Generation 5 to the GBA game making some Pokemon more effective in battle than they were before.

But that’s only the top of  the iceberg. The trainers all have been revised too: Not only are they more powerful than before, they are smarter! They can AND will exploit any weakness you show them so rest assure that by when you finish playing the game, you WILL get good in Pokemon overall.

The Hack comes in 3 different Modes for you to try and enjoy:

-Vanilla Hack: This is the normal version of the hack. All the changes I stated above AND more are included  here. The game difficulty have been revised and increased for you to enjoy a proper adventure through Kanto.

-Hard Mode: This is the advanced version of the hack. This version contains all what the Vanilla version has but there are some gameplay tweaks on it to make you be proud of completing it: You can only use Pokeballs in battle and you don’t gain EV. This starts to get funny from the mid game onwards, when you aren’t getting these extra point bonuses.

-Lunatic Mode: This is the ultimate challenge. It has all the elements of the Hard version and more. Try this and complete it and you can be called a proper Pokemon Master.

So there you have it guys, this is one of the most well done hacks out there. Take any version that fits your fetish and enjoy it to your heart content, or return to get the easier version -Note that if you can’t make your way through the Vanilla hack, just go and play some FireRed instead…-.

The files come with extra documentation that is important related to items, the new pokedex, pokemon encounter rates, evolution methods, important trainer information and some other minor data that you should check out.

P.D.: Don’t blame me if after you play these games you end up disliking other Not-So-Good Pokemon HackRoms.


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