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Game Name Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series (1-3) (Hack)
Console GBA
Game Release (8 years ago)
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Publisher destinedjagold
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Language: English
Original Sources: Ruby Destiny series thread – PokeCommunity Thread also includes links to the original hack’s threads before being rounded up into this one thread.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a series of interconnected games whose story spans several different parallel timelines depending on the game.

First game, Reign of Legends, is about a boy who travels around and stops the evil deeds of Luminous Cenaries and ROYAL DARKNESS. You embark on a journey to save the world from the shadow pokemon, XD001 Shadow Lugia.

Second game, Rescue Rangers, is about a human boy in the real world who got turned into a Pokemon and transferred into Pokemon World (sound familiar, yes?).
Found by a Chikorita and a Torchic and confused about your situation, you join their Rescue Team.

Third game is about the alternate world that was created at the end of the 2nd game by Team Go-Getters.. (I didn’t spoil anything, you’re told that if you read the thread up there as context of the story.)
In this world, a young girl strives to become a Guardian Trainer but the region has been chaotic with the advent of the DarkOrganization. Trials await the young lass.

Used the new (2014/2015) updated patches that fixes bugs and updates the sprites/trainers.


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