Pokemon My Ass (Hack) GBA ROM

Pokemon My Ass
Game Name:Pokemon My Ass
Console:GameBoy Advance
Release Date:2013-01-01
Publisher:Lucas Urso
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Pokemon My Ass is a Hack/RPG video game published by Lucas Urso released on January 1, 2013 for the GameBoy Advance.

Pokemon My Ass is a Pokemon fire red hack. You are a shirtless boy who gets called by the city scientist professor Oak along with your personal enemy to capture all the Pokemons you can.

A picture of a shirtless boy from Pokemon My ass
Shirtless Boy

Until you enemy makes the bet, he goes as far as betting his ass he will be the greater trainer.

I bet my ass I will be the greatest trainer, not you!
I bet my ass I will be the greatest trainer, not you!

There are many changes. The personality of the protagonist changed a lot, this game is a parody but also it’s like a whole new game compared to the original, for starters the main goal of the game is different, the gym leader were changed and of course many of the text changed as well.

I would like to battle!
I would like to battle!

There are various new events such as the Ninja squirtle you can find on the sewers..

Ninja squirtle
Ninja squirtle

The maps have also changes, there are also new ones like the Deepthroat Volcano, where it’s possible find fire Pokemon to capture.

Deepthroat Volcano
Deepthroat Volcano

The Pokemon belong to the first 3 gens.



Buy Pokemon on store now


A shop to sell them.


The boke is for losers, there’s the car here:



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